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Grocery shopping can be fun and taxing at the same time especially if you must move from one physical store to the other. If you are planning grocery shopping soon, don't fret, palesoko Kenya online grocery store has made shopping exciting, you don't have to line up in the supermarket. Our groceries category has a wide variety of items including the food cupboard that has snacks and packaged food, personal and baby care, household items, drinks and beverages, cooking ingredients which feature rich spices, sugar, baking ingredients, chocolate syrup and hazelnut syrup, sweeteners and fruit purees among others.

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Ceres Delight Tropical Fruit Juice 1L
Highlands Cordial Lemon - 1 Litre
Knorr Soft Cube Beef Seasoning 6's.
palesoko Chakula Box (One Click, One Delivery)
Sunveat Assorted Jar

Sunveat Assorted Jar

Wide range..


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